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Gorilla Partner Program

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Gorilla Partner Program

Success Cases

Why Gorilla

Arrow was looking for solutions that offer innovative add-on value to their wide range of offerings - the solutions from Gorilla were right on target.

Use Cases

People Flow Management, Access Control, Surveillance, Building Automation, Transportation Hub Security

  • Operations Automation
  • Information Accuracy
  • Real-time Alerting & Control
  • Loss Prevention
Why Gorilla

Asteria was looking to transform Gravio into an AIoT platform - the edge AI solutions from Gorilla delivered digital transformation.

IoT Platform
Use Cases

Access Control, Surveillance, Building Automation, Facial Recognition Attendance System

  • Operations & Access Control Automation
  • Real-time Alerting & Control

Join Our Edge AI Ecosystem

Gorilla Technology provides robust and sophisticated applications to help Hardware Makers, Software Creators, System Integrators (SIs), Disti's & Resellers, and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) deploy and streamline integration. By combining cutting-edge technologies and industry experience, Gorilla is committed to helping its partners design complete solutions and accelerate business growth across different channels.

Join Our AI Ecosystem
Join Our AI Ecosystem

What Our Partners Are Saying

Macnica - Jason Chaung
Jason Chaung
Vice President

It is really impressive – Gorilla video analytics for edge AI applications. We look forward to continuing deep collaborations and achieving greater developments together.

Christian Lang
Christian Lang
Senior Manager Embedded Solutions,
Avnet Integrated

It is amazing how easy it is to realize deep learning video analytics solutions at the edge using the Gorilla Software. No matter if you want to detect or monitor people, using a GDPR compliant face recognition, anonymous analysis of the behavior, the software of our partner Gorilla bundled with our embedded hardware provides an unique “out of the box” experience.

Geoffrey Egger
Geoffrey Egger
Vice President and GM of IEC

Security in edge AI platforms remains the top concern for organizations adopting video analytics technology in their mission-critical applications. Lanner’s partnership with Gorilla Technology delivers to solution providers a complete, all-in-one platform edge AI platform composed of a powerful edge computing appliance, advanced video algorithms, and comprehensive data security.

Andy Liang
Andy Liang
Managing Director

Our alliance with Gorilla fits in perfectly with our mission to provide the best customer satisfaction joint developing products, as both Gorilla and ZoomTech have been proven time and again in multiple real world successes.

Fredy Andika
Fredy Andika
Managing Director

Working with Gorilla to deliver IVAR and Smart Retail edge AI solutions has given us the lead in Indonesia’s video analytics market.

Pina Hirano
Hisanori Nishishiba
Hisanori Nishishiba
System Innovation Company

As more traditional industries and environments implement AI in communications and surveillance, data security is of the utmost importance.Together, Restar Electronics and Gorilla Technology deliver a powerful all-in-one edge AI platform that offers secure video analytics on Intel® based non-GPU systems.

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Gorilla's Product Training & Marketing Support

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Comprehensive Training

Product - 

Installation, Deployment and Application

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Setup and Configuration
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Sales Kits

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Matchmaking with Gorilla's Edge AI Ecosystem Partners to Explore Business Opportunities Icon

Matchmaking with Gorilla's Edge AI Ecosystem Partners to Explore Business Opportunities

Co-Selling and Co-Marketing Opportunities Icon

Co-Selling and Co-Marketing Opportunities

Our Edge AI Ecosystem Benefits Everyone Image

Our Edge AI Ecosystem Benefits Everyone

Hardware Manufacturers

  • Create AI Appliances by Bundling with Gorilla's Market Ready Solutions
  • Increase Value by Transforming Hardware into AI Appliances

Software Creators

  • Add AI Features through API Integration
  • Expand Applications using Video Analytics Data

System Integrators

  • Painless Learning Curve of Deploying Video Analytics Based Solutions
  • Over 20+ RRKs of Certified Hardware and Software Bundles for RFP

Distributors & Resellers

  • Expand Product Lines with Certified AI Appliances
  • Increase Revenue Streams

Managed Service Providers

  • Provide Value Added Solutions on Existing Services
  • Enrich Services to Fulfill Customer Demand
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The Gorilla Partner Program

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Show your customers that you know what you're talking about. Gorilla offers installation, integration, and product certifications so you can do just that. Gold Partners can train and get certified from the start, and continue to deeper training and master certificates as our partnership develops. Knowledge is power, and applying that knowledge is key to business growth.

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Easy to Learn

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Gorilla's solutions can be applied to elevate the AI industry in the retail, hospitality, commercial, and public sectors. Together with our technology and other partners, the ecosystem will flourish.
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